Saturday, December 5, 2009

Get cooking!

Cooking is a craft, too, isn't it? :-D

Tonight, I've started on this year's Christmas tourtierre. We're planning on two dozen pies, though how much we actually end up with doesn't always stay on plan. *L* With our recipe, we calculate based on 1 pound of meat per pie, but we just fill the shells to our preference, so it doesn't always match up. Not that we have the exact weight of meat to start with, as the butcher doesn't have control over the weights of meats they don't process themselves.


Here I've got all my ingredients ready and waiting. Well, except the water. I didn't think I needed to include that in the photo. ;-)


Happily, all 24-27 pounds of ground meat fit into my new pot, with room for the other ingredients and stirring.


Next, it was time to add the onions, garlic, salt and spices.


And finally, mixing it all together. Fortunately, I have a very strong wooden spoon. Unfortunately, it's not quite long enough. I probably would have done better with just my hands. *L* After this, the water was added and I've started the cooking. I've also called my husband, who is out shopping with our older daughter, to find me a really long spoon!

I'll take more photos when it's time to thicken the filling before it's time to set it on the balcony to cool overnight. :-D

Darn. My husband just called. No luck finding a longer spoon. They're going to try someplace else on the way home (if it's still open). I can get away with using my current one, but it'd be a lot easier with a longer one!

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