Thursday, December 3, 2009

My first customer orders

Today I delivered my first customer ordered items. Felt kinda good. :-D

Custom ordered potholders

During the craft sale, one customer asked if I did potholders. I asked her what she had in mind and she ended up just bringing over the older potholder she was wanting to replace (handily enough, she lives pretty much across the hall from the room the sale was in). When I said I could and after talking colours with her, she insisted on paying me in advance, and more than the amount I'd said. Pretty much double. So I made her two.

The larger one, done in dc stitches worked between the stitches of the previous rows, is how the one she showed me was made. This one is a touch larger than her original. The smaller one was worked up with dc stitches worked into the tops of the previous stitches, then bordered in sc, with a loop of foundation ch sc (the foundation chain and row of sc are worked at the same time) added to the last corner.

Custom ordered earwarmers

For the earwarmers, the customer wanted a pair in brown, which I didn't have during the sale. For her, I was a little more concerned with how they fit on her head. She's in a wheelchair with headrest and mentioned it was a problem with hats. As she moves her head, hats tend to be pushed up in the back by the headrest, uncovering her ears. She doesn't have enough mobility in her arms to fix it. I just delivered it to her and helped her try it on. She thinks it will work fine. I hope so. Until she actually uses it for a while with the headrest that was giving her problems (she had a different one on her chair at the time I visited), I won't feel confident that it's right. We shall see.

Now I just need to talk to another potential customer who was interested in a hat and scarf set. :-D


The Travelers Journal said...

Customers!! I need to check you blog more often. You are such a talented crafter! I am glad you are selling things now too! Love the pot holders!

Anna said...

Thanks. :-D It'd be good if I can actually build up a customer base, but at the same time, I'm always looking for new crafts to do, and I don't know if I'd want to stick with just crochet.

We shall see. :-)