Sunday, December 6, 2009

Get cooking, day two, part two

We're not done yet, but we've run out of space for the prepared pies and have to stop for a break. :-D


Here's the dough I made earlier: 8 triple batches, chilling in the snow at -18C. I'd run out of parsley part way through, so the last couple of batches were plain dough. :-D


I couldn't resist getting a shot of the meat again, too. The frost made a really neat pattern in the lid.


I finally took the meat inside at about 5pm, and this photo was taken about an hour later. Despite being outside for 14 hours, the meat hadn't froze even along the edges. It was a touch difficult to stir, though.


In fact, I broke my favourite slotted spoon. *sniff*


The chilled dough gets rolled out between a couple of sheets of heavy duty vinyl to make transferring to the pie plates easier. My husband is my dough rolling hero.


Our first pie, ready for baking! We did 6 before we started putting them in the oven. This is the first time we've baked tourtierre in our new place and we've got LOTS of room to prepare the pies, but not a lot for setting aside or cooling them, and only 2 fit in our oven at once.


One of our first pair of baked pies! The house smells soooo good right now! Our oven is very cool on one side and doesn't seem to like to hit the higher temps, so we have to reverse the pies after 15 minutes, then bake them for another 15 minutes, at about 400F. Our oven is actually set at 450F but has yet to reach that temp.


Danielle has been great helping out this year! My job has been to fill the pies, crimp the edges and cut in the steam vents while my husband and daughter do all the rolling and tending of the oven.


The ironing board and the top of our stove are the only cat-safe places we have to leave the pies to cool.


To freeze them, my darling husband shoveled the snow away from our patio swing so I could lay them out...


... and cover them up to freeze.

It is SO hard not to dig in to a pie right now! When we're done baking, we'll have one. I can hardly wait!!


The Travelers Journal said...

Boy, do those look good!!! Like your snow btw too :)

Anna said...

You want some? I'd be glad to send some snow your way. ;-)

And they turned out really amazing. That elk and bison addition really worked well! We may just stick with that for next year. :-D