Friday, May 28, 2010

More inventory

Here are a few more items I made to build up an inventory for this weekend.


I finished a couple more tawashi, with more in the works. 


I've got a few java jackets ready, and will be able to do more tonight.  They're very quick and easy.  These were made using some worsted weight acrylic yarn and a 4.25mm hook, and sized to fit some Tim Horton's take out cups.  I played around with different patterns, and will post instructions for them another time.


I've also been playing around with cup cozie designs. 


A few last can cozies for the collection - with the rainbow one, I was experimenting with a way to make a flat, slightly wider, base.  The others were worked in a spiral, but that one was worked in rounds.


Finally, a few last dishcloths and another double-ended hook potholder.

I think I've got a decent amount of items for tomorrow's garage sale.  I'm quite curious as to what kind of feedback I'll get with them.  We never really found anything else for the sale - one of the side benefits of moving so often, I guess. *L*  My older daughter has done some baking for her contribution.

Should be fun. :-)

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