Friday, October 1, 2010

Feature Friday: Zombie Gore

It's that time of year again!  No, not Canadian Thanksgiving or Halloween.  It's Zombie Walk time!

Shortly after we moved to Edmonton, we were in Churchill Square, downtown.  As we were wandering around, something very strange happened.

Zombies appeared.  Dozens of them. 

In wedding gowns and suits or tuxedos.

As we stood there, rather stunned by the site, the zombies entered the square from the south west corner and shuffled, shambled, moaned and groaned their way across the square.  They surrounded us, calling for "bbbrrraaaaiiiinnnnzzzzz" and enticing us to "jooooiiinnnnn uuuussssss...."

Then they were gone.

We were entranced.

Soon after, through someone we met through one of our local home school groups, we found out about the River City Zombie Committee.  The next year, my older daughter was able to join them for what's become their annual walk.

This year, our local zombies are doing their walk on October 8.  The theme is Zombie Clowns.  Both my girls will be participating, along with at least one other friend.

My older daughter decided that her costume needed removable gore.  She wanted something realistic, flexible, and would not require ruining clothing to do it.

This is what she came up with.

Zombie Gore

She's agreed to do a step-by-step for me later, photographing and describing each step, for those interesting in making some for their own costumes.  The base is some fabric scraps which will be held in place with gauze and cloth bandages.  Bits of other fabric and... I'm not sure what else... were attached to the base for the texture, then painted in layers.  The final layers are a mixture of paint and glue to make the colour more stable.

I think it is suitably disgusting.


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