Sunday, November 20, 2011

At the RAM

Been doing a lot of dashing around in between projects, which has left me wth lots to post about, but little time to actually do the the posting.  So I am taking a moment to write this from the Royal Alberta museum, while we pause at the Museum Cafe before heading out.

One of my favourite sections of the museum is in the First Nations area.  Specifically, the area showcasing exquisite bead, quill and embroidry            work. It's the silk embroidery that really blows me away.  The stitchery alone is amazing, with the incredibly perfect technique, design balance and use of colour.  That such fine, miniscule stitchery also happens to be stitched directly on thick leather or suede makes me appreciate the skills of the unknown artists even more. It never ceases to blow me away when I look at them!

If you ever find yourself in Edmonton, I highly recommend checking out the RAM and seeing this display.  I look forward to seeing how the rework this section when they're new building is built, hopefully to open in 2015.

Happy crafting!

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