Sunday, November 6, 2011

Michaels and Blankets for Canada

What a terrific afternoon we had today!

Blankets for Canada display

I was able to set up a display at a table near the door, happy to use the embroidered and crocheted cloth I inherited as part of the display.  I picked up some variegated yarn to work with and set out 4 of the 5 panels I've done so far, with extra hooks and yarn at the ready.  I was joined by three lovely ladies and would have loved to go longer than the time I was allotted.  We got so busy crocheting and chatting, I completely forgot to try and get the group photo I had planned on!

Remember, 8"x8" panels for Blankets for Canada can be dropped off at any Michaels.  I will be organizing a joining party for the end of Jan/start of Feb at the Clareview branch to help piece the donated squares together into blankets.

Have fun stitching!

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