Sunday, October 28, 2012

Catching up on my crocheted projects, part twelve

Here's another project using the Waverly for Bernat yarn.

Old Style Cables bag

The horizontal lines are the cable stitch I learned how to do in my crochet course - a stitch that no one really uses anymore.  I can see why - it's a pain to work, but I do like the result!  The strap is just rows of 4 sc, then I bordered it all with sc.

The main thing that's different about this bag is the inside.

Old Style Cables bag

I made a plastic canvas frame for the inside.  The sides and base are a single piece, with smaller pieces sewn into the sides.

Old Style Cables bag

After sewing together the plastic canvas pieces, I worked buttonhole stitch along the top, plus an extra row of running stitch, just for appearances.  After placing the frame inside the bag, I worked joined it to the bag itself using the button hole stitches to sc into.  Without the frame, I felt the bag was just too floppy for use.  That drape is great for shawls, but not so good for bags!

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