Monday, October 8, 2012

Catching up on my crocheted projects, part two

When I was asked to share a booth with my older daughter during Art in the Plaze, one of the things I noticed about my inventory is that it was mostly winter or cool weather stuff.  With temperatures soaring in the 25C range, I figured making some lighter, summer hats would be a good idea.

Hyperbolic Accent mesh hat

Doesn't Ferdinand look lovely?  This is a fairly simple mesh hat with a hyperbolic accent.  The yarn here is Paton's Lace, Patina.  I'm really liking the slow colour gradient in these yarns.

Hyperbolic Accent mesh hat

The hyperbolic accent is worked up the "seam" of turning chains, giving it a gradual swirl.  There's about as much yarn in the accent as there is in the entire hat.  Possibly more.

You seen see other photos of it at my flickr page.

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