Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Here are some events I'll be taking part in in October.

At the Clareview Micheals;

I will be doing a crochet demo on Saturday, the 6th, from 1-3pm.  

As usual, on the third Saturday of the month, I'll be hosting the $5 Yarn Nights from 1-3, with the option to go longer.  This month, Yarn Night is on October 20.

I have another demo booked on October 27th, from 1-3pm.  This time, I'll be doing a demo for circular loom knitting - my first demo of the technique!

It's also getting to be that time of year where I need to update my class schedule for 2013.  I will still be maintaining the days and times, it's just the dates that I will need to add.


At Beyond the Arts;

Beyond the Arts is back from summer break with an open house on Oct. 12 - 13.  There will be snacks, crafts and door prizes, so come on by!

At Beyond the Arts, I get to make my own classes, so they're somewhat different then the ones I do at Micheals.  I've got two levels of beginners crochet classes and two levels of intermediate classes for now.  If there's a demand for it, I can see about doing advanced or specialty classes as well.  The classes will be 2 hours long, and they can be taken in squence or as stand alone classes. 

I am also considering doing all day crochet workshops.  These would be 6 hours on a Saturday, and would include a lunch or snacks.  Let me know if there is any interest!


With summer being as busy at it has been, I've been lax in posting photos of my finished projects, other than cell phone snaps.  I've set up a photo area in my work station and took over 60 photos, only to find the ISO setting on my camera wasn't where I thought it was.  Once they were uploaded to the computer, I could see they were horribly grainy, so I'm going to have to take them all over again.  Once they're done, I'll start posting them here.  Meanwhile, I am working on a major project that I need to finish by the end of the month, since I plan to do NaNoWriMo again this year.  If all goes well, I'll have a major announcement at the end of the month.  If all doesn't go well, it might be delayed a couple of months, which I really don't want to do!

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