Thursday, January 14, 2010

All tied up in knots - in detail

I'll be going into detail instructions in another post, but for now, here are some close up photos of the wrap's knot.

Knotty Wrap, knot detail

The wrap is worked in the back loops, turning after each round, to imitate a cable pattern. Shaping is done by transitioning from sc to hdc, dc, hdc and back to sc. In this photo, you can see the transitions between the different stitch heights.

Working in the back loops and turning after each round has made this wrap completely reverseable. There's just a front and a back, no inside or outside, or upside down. The loops were made large enough to pass the ball of yarn through. When I decided against going wider, I felt they looked too open, so I sewed about 10 stitches together on each to close them up.

Knotty Wrap... uhm... Hi, Harley.

I couldn't resist posting this one. While going for an overview shot of the knot, my younger daughter's cat decided to investigate and jumped into the photo. *L*

Knotty Wrap, leaf pin

I made up the removeable leaf pin as a way to hide the seam. Here, I've got the seam on the top left, but it can be worn wherever the seam happens to be sitting, and looks just as well on the bottom as the top.

Knotty Wrap, seam detail

The seam that results from turning at the end of the rows is in the middle of a section of hdc. It looked a little messier than I wanted, and I thought the leaf pin was a nice way to cover it up.

Knotty Wrap, leaf detail

The pin is three leaves made the same way, but of different lengths, tacked together with their yarn ends. I started with a foundation chain of the length I wanted. For the stem, I ss'd a few stitches, then used sc, hdc, dc and tdc stitches to get the leaf shape, with a picot to tip the leaf before mirroring the shaping stitches down the other side of the foundation chain. I wanted the leaves to look very organic and loose, so they're tacked together with as few stitches as I felt I could get away with, and I've left the ends and sides to curl and twist naturally.

Knotty Wrap, leaf detail

Because of the length of the seam I was wanting to cover, I went with two pin backs. This keeps the longer bottom leaf from moving around too much as it's being worn.

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