Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Done, and Ready for delivery

Tonight I got my customer order finished. :-)

The yarn used is Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in Charcoal (the closest thing to black they had). It took 4 balls to do all the items. I must've had bad luck this time, though, as every one of the balls had knots in them - yarn ends tied together, not knots within the strands themselves. One of them actually had 2 knots in it! Of all the balls of this yarn I've used, this is a first! Irritating and a waste of yarn, since I have to cut the knot out and leave long enough tails to sew them into the item. I haven't had yarn with this many knots in it since the yarn I used to make my daughter's coat.

All the projects were done using a 9.00mm hook.


The scarf pattern requested is modified from one in Think Pink, a book of crochet projects for victims of breast cancer and to promote breast cancer awareness. The original used a much finer yarn and was, of course, pink. Using the chunky yarn, the foundation chain is half the number of stitches from the pattern, and there was some modification while curving the ends.


The earwarmers are my pattern, slightly tweaked one last time. Well... maybe I shouldn't say one *last* time, knowing my insatiable urge to muck about. ;-) I'm really happy with the changes, though.


The mittens are the same pattern I used during my crochet blitz before Thanksgiving last year. With those, I found them a bit short and added the cuff. Using the super bulky yarn, they were a decent length, so I left the cuffs as they were. I didn't bother changing hook sizes for the thumb, though. I found I didn't have to modify the number of stitches in each round with this yarn - the bulk of the yarn itself makes up for the larger sized hook.

I think she'll be quite happy with them. :-)

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