Sunday, January 10, 2010

On the quiet side of things...

After the rush to get so many projects done in short times, I'm kinda enjoying the slow down. It makes for a boring blog, though. ;-) I do have some photos of gifts I made waiting to post, but I won't actually be able to mail the packages until next weekend. I did find out how much they would cost. The one going to the US is very reasonable (waves hello in the direction of Illinois), but the one that's going to the UK - good Lord! The boxes are the exact same dimensions. The weight difference is a fraction of a gram. The difference in price? Astronomical. When did mailing things overseas get so bloody expensive? Well, that's what I get for neglecting to send the things I wanted to for 2 Christmases in a row. One thing's for sure - the package *isn't* going by air mail! Sorry, L, yours is going to be spending some extra time in transit.

Which means it'll be a couple of weeks before I post one set of photos, and a month or more for the other.

I'll be sure to have other photos to post before then.


For some weird reason, I am totally procrastinating on my daughter's afghan. I'm so close to finishing the body, and I've just stopped. I think I'm getting irritated at measuring it, doing the couple more rows it should take to reach the 50" I'm shooting for, only to measure it again and find I need to do a couple more rows. I'm trying to lay it down just as flat and carefully each time, but ... well... it's not co-operating. Not a real excuse, though. I really need to finish it.

Meanwhile, I was inspired by a book a borrowed from the library. I saw a knit pattern that looked really neat and I'm modifying it for crochet, but in such a way that there will be no seams to sew; it's all being done in one piece. It seem to be working rather well. Once it's done, I'll be sure to post detailed instructions. Assuming it actually does turn out. ;-)

Until then, I really need to get my lazy but in gear and finish things. ;-D

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