Saturday, January 2, 2010

This is cool!

In the last little while, I've finished some gifts I've been working on and getting parcels ready to mail out. This has given me a chance to work on the Reminiscence Afghan I was supposed to finish for my daughter before it got cold. *blushing in shame* I'm at the point where I'm stopping to measure the entire piece every couple of rows, as the body is supposed to be done at approx. 50 inches. I'm about 2 rows short... but I've been about 2 rows short the last three times I've measured it. :-P

Today, however, I got an interesting surprise. A phone call from one of the members of the housing co-op we live in. She'd just lost her hat and was wondering, could I make some earwarmers for her? With a matching scarf, like the ones I had in the co-op craft sale? In black?

(Oh, dear... I just realized... she might have meant the single lacy designed scarf I made, not the several others I'd made in a different style. I'll have to call her back about that!)

A few minutes after we worked out some details and said our goodbyes, she called back. Can I do mittens, too? she asks. *L*

So tonight I picked up the yarn and am working on the set. The earwarmers worked up quickly - I've tweaked the pattern a little bit more, and they're the best ones I've made yet. I've finished the first mitten, but will leave the second one for tomorrow. I can then verify the scarf pattern, too. If it is the lace pattern scarf I'm thinking of, we'll need to figure something out, because I've found that pattern really doesn't work well with bulky yarn, never mind super bulky. I can certainly do it, but the pattern will get rather lost with such thick yarn. Especially since she wanted it to be quite long. I'll find out for sure, tomorrow.

Until then, I'm just thrilled about getting a call out of the blue like this for a custom order!

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