Thursday, January 14, 2010

Knotty Wrap, instructions

Here are some diagrams to make the Knotty Wrap. The basic instructions are based on my own frame, using medium weight (4) yarn and a 5.50mm hook. This works for about a XXL or someone with a larger bust. It can easily be resized, however, by changing the number of chains forming the back section.

Eight stitch markers will be needed.

Knotty Wrap, step one

Step One: Ch 40 and ss to form a loop, being careful not to twist the chain. Chain 120 (or to desired length) plus 40.

Knotty Wrap, step two

Step Two: Being careful not to twist the chain, pull the hook end through the loop, then ss to make another 40 ch loop. Pull yarn ball through first loop.

Knotty Wrap, step three

Step Three: place markers.

Counting into the loops from where they are joined, place markers at the 10th chain on either side. This will leave 20 chains, coloured blue in the diagram, in between two markers in each loops.

Counting away from the loops, place a marker at the 10 chain. This will leave the 120 chains (coloured purple) in between. A second marker will be added to this location as the piece is worked.

Knotty Wrap, step four

Step 4: Chain 2. Counts as first hdc. Working away from the loops, work 9 hdc (pink) to first marker. Moving marker up, work 120 (or desired length) dc into each chain to neck marker. Moving marker up again, work 20 hdc to third marker. Moving third marker up, work 20 sc around loop to next marker. Moving fourth marker, work 20 hdc. Stitches are now being worked into the opposite side of the foundation chain. Place new marker in last hdc and work 120 dc. Once again placing a new marker, work 20 hdc to second last marker. Move marker up and work 20 sc to last marker. Move marker up and work 10 hdc and ss into second chain of 2 ch start.

This completes one round. There should now be 8 markers separating sections of sc (blue) hdc (pink) and dc (purple).

To start the second round, ch 2 and turn. Working in back loops only, do 10 hdc, 20 sc, 20 hdc, 120 dc, 20 hdc, 20sc, (pull yarn ball through loop) 20 hdc, 120 dc, 9 hdc. ss into top of turning chain. Repeat this pattern, turning at the end of each round and pulling the yarn through the loop as needed, until desired width is reached.


Sew in yarn ends. If needed, sew loops together for a few stitches to close them up.

If desired, make pin in left over yarn or contrasting colour long enough to cover the turning seam. I made leaves, but feel free to make flowers or any other shape you prefer.

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