Monday, January 25, 2010

Product review - rosewood hook

I finally got some photos of the crochet hook we got my younger daughter for Christmas. Unfortunately, we can't find the packaging for it, so I have no idea what company made it. Nor can I find it at the store's website. :-( I'll have to go back and look it up later.


Carved of rosewood, it has a wonderfully shaped hook and throat. My daughter loves how the yarn slides on the wood, with just the right amount of friction.


The hook is longer than most, with this attractive decorative end. It feels quite comfortable in the hand, too.

There is only one downside. If you look closely on the left edge in this photo, you can just see some flecks of colour. That's what's left of the size stamp that was there, rubbed off already from use. It's a size 4.00mm hook - at least that's what I remember it being. With my memory, I wouldn't say for sure. *L* I've got a size gauge somewhere, so I can double check.

My daughter loves it enough that she wanted to find more in larger sizes, even at a cost of over $16. To her, it's worth every penny. Unfortunately, they didn't have anything larger than 4.00mm, and they have no way of knowing when they'll be getting more, or what ranged of sizes they'll come in. It seems another company decides what gets sent for these hand crafted hooks and knitting needles. *sigh* Ah, well.

When I find out what brand it is, I'll be sure to pass that on, as my daughter highly recommends this hook.

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