Monday, January 25, 2010

Crochet - Reminiscence afghan, continued

I'm finally making progress on the Reminiscence afghan, which has been taking me a rediculously long time to do! I keep setting it aside and doing other stuff. My daughter should have been able to use it months ago. :-(


I'm finally working on the lace border. After reaching 50 inches long on the body portion, a round of sc needed to be worked as a foundation for the border. Getting the right number of sc evenly spaced on each side was irritating, as the number of rows divided unevenly. In this photo, you can see one corner of just the sc and the start of next round of dc, ch2. There were supposed to be exactly 312 ch 2 spaces when the second round was done. I kept getting 313. I thought I knew which corner I'd screwed the count up on and frogged back to it, only to still end up with 313. After checking and counting several times, I finally just spaced the last few out more to make up the difference and bring it back to 312. I just hope it doesn't turn out to be a problem later on. :-P

I'm into the 3rd round now, which includes picots. I don't like working picots. I never quite know where to insert my hook. It looks pretty, though. When I'm done this round, I'll know how badly I screwed up in that second round, if I did at all. :-P

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