Saturday, September 10, 2011

An awesome afternoon!

It was a fun afternoon at the Micheals today!  I got to meet and chat with all sorts of great people.  I managed to get a co-worker to grab this shot before I finished setting up my display.  Having that take a long time because people were stopping to ask questions and sign up for classes is a good problem to have!

As I write this, the stores are still open, so there's still time to register for any of the available classes at half price. 

I got a lot of questions from people wondering which class to take, so here's a few thoughts.

Of the four crochet classes offered, you can take as many or as few as you want.  There is no required order to take them, however if you are new to crochet or haven't picked up a hook in a long time, I would recommend taking the Discover Single Crochet class first.  In this class, we'll cover the basics.  Get what's covered in this class down, and you've got a good foundation for any of the other classes.  Meanwhile, single crochet alone is a great stitch for a wide variety of projects.  Just in my photo here, there are several projects done using the basics covered in the Discover Single Crochet class.

If you've had a chance to take the Discover Single Crochet class, or already have some familiarity with crochet, you can go on to any of the other three classes.  There's always a brief review of stitches at the start to get you going.  Discover the Tall Stitches would be a good first choice if you're still kind of new and want to keep things basic.  Discover Textured Stitches and Discover Granny Squares are good if you're more confident in your skills and have worked with some of the taller stitches before. 

Each class offers two projects to choose from to work on and get some practise in.  They also make great gift ideas! Once you've learned the stitches and techniques offered in these for courses, you'll be able to do a remarkable range of projects, or even come up with  your own patterns. 

Whichever class you decide is right for you, I'm sure you'll enjoy picking up on the skills and using them for the amazing variety of things that can be done with crochet!

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Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to be out there and take a class from you. Although you could end up so frustrated with me that you would likely feel like stabbing me with a crochet hook! LOL I am so happy that people are interested Anna! Thanks for posting your picture and all!