Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Little pieces of history, part seven

Just a couple of pieces left in the series of fancywork I've inherited.  Here, I have another thread crochet piece from my late great-aunt.

Hand made beauty

I actually hadn't noticed that it was made with two different blues until I'd uploaded the photos!  It's a lot less obvious in person.

This is a small table cloth made out of square motifs joined together with a chain mesh.  It's 6 squares by 7 squares, with a narrow border, and measures about 42" x 36".

I love how the square motifs together create a secondary diamond pattern. 

Hand made beauty

Here's a closer look at one of the corner squares.  The squares are basically filet crochet worked in the round.

Like the filet crochet runner I wrote about last time, this piece is in fantastic condition.  There is no damage of any kind that I can find.  There are a few loose threads visible on the back, where the sewn in tail ends have worked themselves loose.  It's remarkably soft and has an amazing drape to it.  I actually had a hard time using the piano bench to take the photos, as it kept slithering off the edge. *L*

This is another of my favorite pieces.

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