Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wee One

My younger daughter loves to crochet cute things, so it was no surprise to see her pick up a copy of Super-super Cute Crochet, by Brigitte Read.  I have been visiting the author's blog for a while now, and enjoyed her work.

My older daughter loves cute crochet things, but not actually doing crochet.  Not her thing.  Instead, she gets her sister to make things for her.  Watching the two of them going squee after the designs in this book is hilarious.

The design they settled on was the Owls pattern.  Of course, being their mother's daughters, no pattern goes without modification!  The pattern recommended using DK/light worsted yarn and a 3.5mm hook.  Well, the hook stayed the same, but after going through a stash of novelty yarn, they settled on rainbow coloured fun fur type yarn.  No labels in sight (it may have come from the ReUse Centre, for all I can remember), so I can't say exactly what it is.

This is the result.


While being worked, the long strands tended to remain on the wrong side of the stitches, so when it was ready for stuffing, my daughter flipped it inside out for finishing.  Her sister added brads for the eyes (we need to get a supply of safety eyes!).  That beak?  That's actually a clump of the fun fur that got caught up while the opening was sewn shut.  Fortuitous.


The guardian of wee little owls approves of this.

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