Friday, October 28, 2011

Class news

First up, for the local folks interested in learning crochet, here is my current schedule of classes for November, at the Clareview Michaels.  These dates are all on Fridays.

November 5     Discover Single Crochet     5:30-8pm
     This class is perfect for beginners who have never picked up a hook before, or who haven't crocheted in a long time and would like to start over.

November 11     Discover Tall Stitches     5:30-8pm
     Another beginner class, this is good for people who already have some knowledge of the basics and want to add some height to their stitch repertoire.

November 18     Discover Textured Stitches     3-5:30pm
     A more intermediate class, if you've already got the basics down and want to start adding interest to your projects, this is the class for you.

November 25     Discover Granny Squares     3-5:30pm
     The eternal granny square!  Good for beginners who know how to do the basic stitches.

Demo Event:  Warm Up America & Blankets for Canada
     I still need to confirm this date and time with the Michaels I work at, but this is an event that takes place at ALL Michaels locations.

November 6     1-3pm
     Join me for a couple of hours working up simple swatches in knit or crochet that will later be joined to make blankets and donated to charity.  Donation bins will also be set up for people to drop of finished squares as they are able.  More details will be added as I learn them.

I also have the classes listed above booked through February.  Here is the December schedule, also all on Fridays.

December 2     Discover Single Crochet     3-5:30pm
December 9     Discover Tall Stitches         3-5:30pm
December 16   Discover Textured Stitches 5:30-8pm
December 23   Discover Granny Squares   5:30-8pm


I just found out about these today, but there are 4 new classes available!  I still need to talk to my manager about arranging these, but these are what they will be.

Discover Baby
     Techniques to make two new projects, a Hooded Textured Baby Blanket and Daisy Ring Rattle Toy, will be covered in this class.

Discover Wraps and Throws
     The techniques here will give you the skills needed to make the patterns, Discover Lace Crochet Openwork Wrap and the One Piece Granny Throw.

Discover Gifts
     The project for this class is a handy tote bag.

Discover Time for Crochet
     This is an open ended class!  Anyone who is having troubles with techniques from previous classes or wants any sort of assistance, this is the class for you. 

I can't wait to get together with my manager and start up these classes! 

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