Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Learning a new stitch

Going through the second part of my crochet instructors course, I came upon a stitch I've never heard of before.  The knurl stitch.

Unfortunately, the instructions were less than informative.  Based on the diagrams, I figured out that a foundation row of sc needed to be done first.

I'm not sure I did it right.  Here's what I've worked so far.

Knurl stitch swatch

Here's the front.

The knurl stitch is a two row pattern, with both rows working into the same base row without turning.  The first row is worked in reverse into the front loops, then the second row is worked in the usual direction in the back loops.

After going over the written instructions and the diagram, I eventually figured out that the reverse row is similar to a reverse single crochet worked into the front loops.  The second row is just regular single crochet in the back loops.

Knurl stitch swatch

Here's a loop at just how deep the ridges are, giving you a look at both sides of the ridges.

Knurl stitch swatch

Here's what the top looks like after having worked the reverse stitch in the front loops.  Here's my problem.  While the diagram and instructions make it clear how to work into the front loop for the first half of the stitch, it isn't at all clear as to who the second half of the stitch is worked.  If I were doing a real reverse single crochet, this would look very different.  I went online and found a video demonstrating the stitch, but there are significant differences from the instructions I have.

Will have to figure this out later.

Meanwhile, here's a look at the back.

Knurl stitch swatch

I really like how it looks on this side, actually.

Knurl stitch swatch

Here's a closer look at the working edge.  You can see the line of back loops that the next row will be worked into.

Knurl stitch swatch

Here, I've got a couple of sc worked into the back loops.

Knurl stitch swatch

And here's what the edge looks like after both rows in the pattern are done.

Looking at the diagram in the background, you can see that front row of reverse stitch looks rather different, but the written instructions seem to be describing what I've done here, instead.  I suspect I'm doing this wrong.

If I am, however, I still like the stitch.  It looks really neat and makes a very dense fabric.  It seems that this is actually a stitched worked as a stand alone row, rather than an all-over pattern, but I like it this way.

Now, off to peruse some video to see what it's supposed to look like instead.

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