Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easter card step-by-step: part 4

Finally, after much delay, I've finished the Easter card I started!  I'd lost access to my work space. :-P  You can click on the following links to recap what I did previously.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Because of the number of photos I took, I'm splitting this up into two more parts.

(Unfortunately, the new blogger layout is still buggy, and the image shows up as code.  I will put links to the images instead until I figure this out)


The first thing I worked on was adding the embossing powder to the dark green background paper.  I didn't need to get fancy with positioning, as I just needed to push the green paper into the crease of the closed card and it stayed in place fine on its own.  I went with silver embossing powder, for its higher contrast, and because the predominant colour on the white portion of the card is the gold.

After using the calligraphy pen and clear ink to make my lines, I removed the backing paper and added the embossing powder.


The corner pieces needed a bit more work.  After careful positioning and a bit of masking tape to hold the pieces where they needed to go, I numbered the backs in sequence, then lightly penciled in some lines around the edges, so I could position them properly later on.


Here they are, positioned and ready for the clear ink.

Unfortunately, the extra time it took to remove the inked pieces and remove the masking tape was a bit too long.  Less of the embossing powder stuck to the drying ink that usual.  Since the petal openings are so small, though, it actually worked out a bit better, I think.


Here are the pieces after heat was applied.  They sure don't look like much all on their own! *L*


While doing the green paper, I unfortunately had a bit of an accident.  The paper slipped out of my fingers and fell face down onto the ironing board I was working above, smudging the still-liquid embossing powder, which you can see in this photo.  I used a bit more of the clear in and some more powder to fix it.  It's a bit messier than it should be. :-P

Next up: assembling the pieces.

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