Friday, September 25, 2009

Blitz - Cowl Hood Neckwarmer

This is a pattern from Crochet! magazine, Fall 2009 - the same one I got the beaded bracelet pattern from. Here, my demure looking younger daughter is modelling it for me. :-D


The pattern called for Bernat Soft Boucle bulky (5) yarn and a size J 6.00mm hook. I used the recommended hook size, but I changed the yarn. I also made added a few rows to make a longer tube, once the seam was closed.


I don't know what the yarn actually is - it came from an unlabelled pack of mill ends. It was quite a bit thinner than the recommended yarn, so I used two strands. The end result isn't as floppy and flexible as the recommended yarn would have been. It is, however, very soft, warm and cushy.

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