Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blitz - hdc slippers

I had a decently sized stash of hardy acrylic yarn. Perfect for stuff that gets a lot of use and abuse. I used it to make my last three projects.

First, I made a pair of slippers in half-double crochet.


They're sized to fit my feet, so they're a bit bit on my daughter, who's modeling them. Hence the bulge visible at the heels. These were worked toe up starting from a chain of 5 and doing rounds of hdc. I worked back and forth, so that there would be no change in pattern when I split the rounds for the foot opening. The heel turn is done with reduced rows of sc. The opening is tidied up with 3 rounds of sc, reducing at the back of the heel in each row to prevent gaping.

The yarn was from a mill ends bin, so I don't know what it actually is - it just feels like the sort of acrylic that's used so much for afghans and such. I used 2 strands together on a 9.00mm hook, so they worked up nice and fast. I'm happy with how they turned out.

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