Saturday, September 12, 2009

Blitz - filigree choker with matching earrings

This project pattern was for just the choker. I modified a portion of the pattern to make the earrings.

First, a couple of views of the choker.



For the clasp, I stole a dragonfly toggle clasp from my older daughter's jewelry findings stash.


I like it better than the button used in the book's sample.

Before I go on to the earrings, here's the details on the choker.

Pattern: Filigree lace choker
From: Easy Crocheted Accessories: 30+ fun and fashionable projects by Carol Meldrum

Recommended yarn: light-weight yarn (80% viscose, 20% polyester) in gold.
Yarn used: Phildar's Sunset, 65% viscose, 35% polyester.
Hook size recommended: D (3mm)
Hook size used: 2.55mm steel thread crochet hook
Other recommended: medium button for closure
Use: decorative toggle clasp

Changes made: Because of the smaller hook size I used, I lengthened the foundation chain by 1 extra pattern repeat. It still ended up a bit short, and only fits my 13 yr old daughter.

The pattern in the book is made up of a foundation chain and two rows. The first row is a bit weird in that the pattern repeat involves doing a number of sc into the foundation chain, then ch a loop that gets worked into the first of these sc. That loop is then wrapped in sc, with a 5 chain loop in the middle of it, before getting back to the foundation chain, where it's repeated to the end. The second row involved dc with picots into each of the 5 ch loops and triple stitches in between. What I found was that the whole thing looked rather scraggly at the foundation chain, so rather than ending off with a button loop clasp, I worked in a bit of length and crocheted in one end of the toggle clasp, then did a row of sc along the top of the choker. I found this gave the choker more body, and it actually looked more like the sample in the photo. At the end of this extra row of sc, I added the opposite piece of the toggle clasp the same way I did at the other end. I did 2 ch, took the loop of the hook and threaded it through the clasp, put the loop back on the hook, did 2 more ch, then slip stitched back to the body of the choker.

I was happy enough with the results that I decided to work up matching earrings.


The hooks were also from my daughter's stash. ;-)

I made the earrings by chaining 2, then working 24 sc into the second ch from the hook, with a 5 ch loop after every 6 sc. I added the earring hook to one of the 5 ch loops the same way I attached the toggle clasps. For the second round, I did 2 ch, then [1 dc, 1 picot] 3 times into the 5 ch space, added 1 more dc, then repeated for the other two 5 ch loops. Another 2 ch, then I slip stitched into the base of the loop the hook was attached to.

To finish the earrings, I used a sharp needle to weave the first end into the ring, gently pulling it snug so that there were no gaps in between the stitches. For the second yarn end, I wove it into the ring in the opposite direction, so that it wouldn't end up looking lopsided. It still isn't a perfect circle, but that's ok. I'd debated using an actual ring of plastic or metal as a from for the first round of sc. It might have worked out tidier, but they would also have been heavier. These are so light, it's almost as if they're not there.

I think, if I did this again, I'd find a different yarn. This stuff is a pain to work with. *L*

I did finish a new project today - another hat - but I haven't taken photos of it yet. That will be in my next post.

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