Sunday, September 20, 2009

Blitz - update

I'm about to go through the photos I took of my latest blitz projects, but I thought I'd do a quick update, first.

I hit a bit of a slump a few days back. First, I tried another pattern from 24 Hour Crochet Projects. This time, a brimmed hat. Now, I DID check the gauge when I started: 2 rounds = 2 inches. Well, for some reason it didn't quite work out. The pattern worked fine and the hat was adorable - but it was baby sized. Thankfully, I know a baby, so my husband took it to work with him to pass it on. I hope it fit. I'll have to ask the parents about it, but haven't had a chance to yet.

So that lost me a day on my goals. I went looking through my pattern books and found a pattern for slippers that were different from anything I've done. Usually, I make slippers that are kinda like toe-up socks. They take a bit longer than I want for right now. These were like the Mary Jane style I've seen around but have never tried.

They worked up fast, but I'm not happy with them. Although they're worked identically for all but the very last row, one ended up looser than the other. Then there was the strap. This is worked in at the very end of the last row. Since the button closure is on the outside, that meant one foot's last row was done in the opposite direction of the other. In one of them, the strap ended up further back on the slipper than the other.

So that lost me another day.

We were back at the library, so I went through what books I could find on the shelf, looking for inspiration. Most of them were patterns that took a lot more time than works for my goals, but I did take a few out, including one on making crochet jewelry. I wasn't too inspired, though, and it was starting to frustrate me.

Then we went out again that evening, and I found the fall issue of Crochet magazine. It's a special gift issue, I guess, as it's not on their site right now. Not that it matters. That one magazine has more in it that's of use to me than all of the books I'd looked at at the library put together. It definitely helped me get things going again!

As for now, I need to go through my photos and see which ones turned out. More posts to come. :-D

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