Monday, September 21, 2009

Blitz - Son of Skully

This is a variant of the Skully I did before. The pattern itself is the same, except for changing the total number of dc stitches per row, and the total number of rows. The yarn is the same worsted weight yarn I used for the Biker Beret, except that I used 2 strands on a 9.00mm hook.


With the extra thick yarn, closing up the top was slightly different from before, too. I only needed 2 rounds of sc and, rather than doing two sc together every few stitches to decrease, I did on sc into the "hill" of back-loop crocheted rows, skipping the "valleys" in between. For the last round, I reduced it the same way. With the yarn this thick, it was better to skip stitches completely than to bulk things up by doing 2 stitches together.

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